Bird Box Barcelona

‘Bird Box Barcelona’ doesn’t go far from the original nest, for good or ill

Barcelona’s “Bird Box”

Despite receiving little promotion prior to release, the 2018 thriller “Bird Box” went on to become one of Netflix’s biggest hits for two reasons. For starters, Sandra Bullock, who has always been a popular actress, starred in the film as a resourceful survivor of a catastrophic incident. The movie also became popular because its story, which was adapted from a John Malerman novel, served as the basis for numerous memes and viral “blindfold” challenges. These challenges were based on the idea that unknown paranormal invaders convey a suicidal madness to anybody who gazes straight at them.

The movie “Bird Box Barcelona” is more of a companion piece than a follow-up, so it probably won’t cause as much of a stir. The new film cuts between different points in time to portray how the invasion affected Sebastián (Mario Casas), a Spaniard who loses his wife and vows to protect their daughter, Anna (Alejandra Howard), even if it means going on perilous voyages with doubtful strangers. The skilled Claire (Georgina Campbell), who concerns (not without cause) that Sebastián may not be the most dependable traveling companion, meets Sebastián as he makes his way to a rumored safe haven.

Making Sebastián a somewhat unstable hero is a risk taken by the new writing-directing duo of Lex and David Pastor. But overall, this “Bird Box” is very similar to the other one. The threat is purposefully left undefined, represented by unsettling noises and levitating detritus, allowing it to serve as a free-floating metaphor for anything the spectator is concerned about. the environment? Pandemics? Fanatics? You may choose.


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