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Dwayne Johnson Used His Sex Experience on a Girl Who Was 4 Years Older Than Him to Get Laid and Lose His Virginity: Since then, women had been lining up, according to FandomWire

Everyone hopes for wonderful first experiences with sex, but not everyone is fortunate in that regard. The Rock, also known as Dwayne Johnson, previously opened up about his first sex experience, which turned out to be so horrible that even the cops had to get involved.

Johnson, who is best known for his action films, appears to have always sought for excitement as the actor admitted that he had a preference for older women and that he lost his virginity to his high school partner, who was four years older than him.

According to Dwayne Johnson, he likes older ladies.
Everyone has memories of some or all of the odd things that happened throughout their teenage years. Famous American actor Dwayne Johnson admits that his uncomfortable adolescent experience was nothing short of a nightmare. Since he was a teenager, Johnson has admitted in his 2000 autobiography “The Rock Says,” he has always had a thing for older women. Surprisingly, they also had a thing for him.

When he was still in school, the charming young Johnson once succeeded in making an older girl fall in love with him. The Fast and Furious star revealed that when he was 14 years old, he dated an 18-year-old high school senior. He persuaded the female, who was 4 years older than him, to have sex with him. Johnson recalled his experience and said,

She thought that I had lost my virginity when I was ten years old and that since then, ladies (not just ‘girls’) had been lined up to get my attention.

Johnson persuaded his girlfriend to have a sexual encounter with her, but the situation ended up being awkward.

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