The “Barbie” director admits that she had second thoughts about filming the movie: “I thought nobody would let it be done.”

Fant├ístico chatted with Margot Robbie, the actress who brought the doll to life, as well as the film’s director Greta Gerwig.
The world of imagination can be lovely and fantastic. Up until the point when reality takes over and shows that not everything is as it seems! The most well-known doll in the entire world experienced that! Barbie experiences a thrilling adventure in real life at the movies!

The most famous doll in the world, which was made 64 years ago, is now available in theatres with all the trimmings. Barbie from the big screen travels by magic while residing in a dollhouse devoid of any walls. And there are plenty of scenarios that represent reality in a happy world.

O Fant├ístico chatted with Margot Robbie, the actress who portrayed the doll, as well as the movie’s director Greta Gerwig. Details can be found in the report’s video above.

Even if the movie would ever be created, according to Gerwig, he had his reservations.

“We believed that no one would allow this movie to be made. He describes it as being extremely odd, huge, and crazy.
The primary Barbie and Ken in the world of dolls is portrayed by Margot Robbie, who is also a producer of the movie.

The actress claims that “everyone, in every country, knows Barbie, which means that many people have memories, good or bad.”
a practical adventure

The doll is given the opportunity to leave her magical world and step into the real world in the story. Barbie and Ken blithely skate among people and learn that this place is different as a result.

The entire experience was pretty bizarre. It was as if I were putting each of my dolls in its proper spot. playing genuinely. The director says, “When I saw Margot today, I thought, “You are my Barbie doll.
According to child psychology, children utilize toys and games to work out their conflicts and overcome their phobias. In this film, Greta and Margot actually carried it out.

Although Margot, 33, can’t recall having a Barbie, her sister claimed to have one and forbade the actress from touching it. “I’m doing this to avenge my sister. She quips, “I’m hoping it works.

At premiere events all across the world, the cast wore T-shirts from the movie. Margot paraded on the red carpet in nearly every one of them wearing the doll’s iconic attire.


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